All of our waxes and perfumes meet French and European standards.

Our candles have an optimal burning quality.

We guarantee a healthy combustion : stability of the flame, combustion without residues and low soot emission. 

In fact, the adaptations of the size of the wicks and the wax/perfume mixtures are carried out according to strict and tested protocols in order to limit soot release to the maximum. We create high quality candles in strict compliance with international standards including CLP regulations (related to perfume). All our test results are above average : smoke, diffusion, combustion, soot, flame height … and comply with NF, EN and REACH standards  

All our candle manufacturing is governed by 5 different tests : 

1 / Soot emission test and analysis

2 / Wick selection test, diameter, braiding

3 / Test of combustion, behavior of the wick and flame height both before production and after production

4 / Perfume diffusion test, Active Passive, olfactory coverage

5 / compatibility test wax/perfume, miscibility tests perfume material for the guarantee of optimal safety

From our experience, we are able to advise you on the labelling of your products.

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