A unique line of home fragrance diffusers

FLORACOS offers a line of indoor diffusers, decorative objects that are different to your ordinary range of candles : some degradable organic rattan stems are soaked in a perfumed base that naturally diffuses a pleasant fragrance for several weeks… When manufacturing our custom perfume diffusers we offer you the right perfume, bottle and packaging. We have a wide range of containers, cases and finishes : personalisation of the container with silkscreen printing, hot marking or labelling, customisation of the cases by printing or label. We can provide alcoholic or non-alcoholic solutions.

Our alcoholic solution, more traditional allows a more efficient, faster diffusion of perfume at more attractive prices.

Our non-alcoholic blend, combined with rattan sticks, allow an environnmentally friendly constant diffusion of the fragrance. The perfume concentration of our capillary diffusers is 20% and they’re refillable.

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