These precautions will guarantee you safety, durability and pleasure.

Remember to light your candle 1 hour before the arrival of your guests.
So the perfume will have time to spread. A slight smoke may appear at the time of ignition. 
Place your candle on a flat, stable and heat-resistant surface, away from drafts. Lit, it should never be placed under a shelf.   

The candle should be allowed to burn for at least 2 hours on first use so that the wicks feed on paraffin and consume properly. A homogeneous melting pool is created and thus prevents the wax from becoming hollow thereafter.

It is recommended to let the candle burn in patterns of at least 2 hours, refocusing the wick after turning it off.

Avoid blowing on the flame too abruptly or prefer the use of a candle extinguisher. 

After each use, cut the wicks with a wick cutter (the ideal length is from 3 to 5 mm) so that the flame does not get too large. 

Be sure to always remove any match or wick residue from the surface. 

Never leave a lit candle unattended, never move a lit or hot candle, and of course, keep out of reach of children and animals.

For a 3 or 6 wicks candle, light them all simultaneously so that your candle burns on its entire surface.

If you light several candles, make sure to space them at least 7 cms from each other. 

Keep your candles someplace away from a heat source. 

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